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I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistics & Data Science at Yale University. My research interests primarily center on interpretable machine learning, unified statistical approaches that use both bayesian and frequentist techniques, and applications to the hard sciences. I have an amazing wife and two wonderful sons!

My hobbies include biking, piano and trombone playing, family history research, and blogging.


The HGRV paper just got published in the Annals of Applied Statistics! You can either download it here or by visiting the journal here.

The SAFE paper has officially been published! Check it out here.

Here’s a Yale News article giving an overview of the paper I derived a generalized likelihood ratio test for. The paper is about abnormal fetal development being driven by the fetal genetics.

A paper about the human placenta that I did some work as a statistician for is published! Most of my work is in the supplementary file in Appendix A. Check it out!

I recently gave a talk at the STAtistical Methods for the Physical Sciences (STAMPS) webinar series! Check it out!